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Welcome to the 4-Hour Operator Renewal Course!

This DMV-licensed program is designed to fulfill the requirement that an applicant for a renewal of a traffic violator school (TVS) operator license provide evidence of the successful completion of a four-hour educational program. Completion of this program will be accepted by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) as evidence of professional continuing education and will waive the examination requirement for renewal. The four-hour course covers the rules regarding the operation of a traffic violator school and focuses on new laws and regulations that pertain to the TVS program. Looking for the 8-Hour Operator Course?

  • Completion of this course is one requirement of the Traffic Violator Operator licensing application process. If you are not aware of the other licensing requirements, it is recommended you visit the California DMV website, visit a DMV inspector's office or contact the DMV prior to beginning this course.
  • This program will require a California driver license of you, the applicant. Your license must be current and valid at the time of this training for the completion certificate to be acceptable as evidence of TVS operator educational training.
  • The Certificate of Completion that is issued after the successful completion of this course is valid for one year from its issuance.

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