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Welcome to the 6-Hour Traffic School Instructor Course!

This program, when completed annually, is designed to fulfill the option for applicants for a renewal Traffic Violator Instructor (TVI) license to participate in at least 18 hours' worth of traffic safety seminars or classes, in lieu of passing a Department of Motor Vehicles-administered exam.

  • Completion of this course is one requirement of the TVI license renewal process. If you have questions about your renewal process, it is recommended that you consult the California DMV website or DMV Occupational Licensing office personnel prior to beginning this course.
  • This program will require a California driver license and a TVI license of you, the applicant. These licenses must be current and valid at the time of this training for the completion certificate to be acceptable as evidence of continuing professional education.
  • Certificates of Completion issued for the successful completion of this course are valid for three years from their issuance. You should retain these original documents for your records, as you will need to present them to the DMV in order to renew your TVI license. (Duplicate certificates may be ordered by calling our customer support line.)
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